Lily & Agatha & Sven | From LONDON
05 December 2013
Category: Maternity | Posted: 29 July 2014
❤ Agatha 27 Weeks Pregnant | From London ❤

I am so over the moon with this maternity shoot, Agatha and Sven and their beautiful little 4 year old, Lily-Ella were on holiday from the London UK.
Agatha is expecting her second little girl, Bella-Rose and so the theme of the shoot was elegant and soft with hues of pastel peach and white lace.
Perfectly suited for this beautiful family. Set against the backdrop of the magnificent Llandudno Beach in Cape Town.
Agatha looked the part of something out of a Vogue magazine, with her golden hair, beautiful features and her gentle heart, she was the epitome of beauty!

Lilly-Ella is such an angel, she is the sweetest little girl, filled with inner and outer beauty just like her beautiful mommy!
She played and danced on the beach with the rays of the sun glistening around her! Such a gorgeous shoot with an incredible family!

Daddy, Sven loves his girls so very much, loved capturing the daddy and daughter moments filled with so much joy and love!
Agatha and Sven were just amazing during the shoot! Cant wait to meet baby Bella-Rose on your next trip to Cape Town!

Thank you to Agatha, Sven and Lilly-Ella for such a great and lovely afternoon!

Location: Llandudno Beach

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❤ Love & Blessings ❤
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