Anneen Henze Collection
10 April 2014
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This is what happens when a group of talented creatives with BIG HEARTS collaborate! ❤
Absolute soulful beauty, filled with endless possibilities, where anything is possible!

Photographing the ANNEEN HENZE COLLECTION was one of the most exciting shoots that I have ever done!
Because for all of us this was more than just for fashion or beauty or styling or photography... the ultimate goal was to reveal something deeper,
something that would inspire hearts everywhere!

If you know me and you follow my blog, you know that I share my heart in all that I do... that I photograph to inspire and bless others, to showcase LOVE ❤ above all.

The shoot portrays a story within a story, a story about a young designer who had the heart for change and a passion for fashion,
and through her talent she gives all the GLORY TO GOD and puts her FAITH INTO ACTION.
Anneen Henze is an inspiration to me, she is the heart and driving force behind the collaboration between her latest collection AW14 and the SHINE PROJECT.

The Anneen Henze Inspire Project was created to uplift and empower women in our beautiful country by creating awareness and linking with projects that offer life changing initiatives #AHInspire

These FOUR THEMES were carried throughout the SHOOT and VIDEO that form part of the SHINE PROJECT:

You have a Divine Purpose

You are Carefully and Wonderfully Made

You have Value


Anneen Henze says it best:

"I’m hoping to inspire women to take up responsibility in their own community, local church, school, workplace etc to create change by either implementing this course where it is needed or by forming a sisterhood that can help with projects in their communities. The Shine course will enable them to do this... if each of us knew our own worth and value, then it will be possible to teach and inspire that in others.
Amazing to think the impact we would have if we collectively joined forces across the earth to equip, empower, and mobilize ALL women, so that each one could reach their fullest potential – no matter their social-economic status, situation, background, race, creed, or geographic location.
The world would be a more beautiful place – with more women given the opportunity and tools they need to contribute their voice, passion and abilities to this world.

Not only does Anneen Henze have a heart of gold but her talent to create and design the most beautiful clothing for women and girls is truly amazing!
Her style is classic, timeless and elegant and she has been selected to showcase her Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection at South African Fashion Week in October 2014. Her range will also be available at the Rosebank and Sandton EDGARS from end June 2014 as part of their South African Fashion Week (SAFW) Designer Capsule.

The AW14 Collection, inspired by the four themes, was created using soft, draping fabrics and two prints that formed the focus points of the collection.
A subtle leaf print was used to highlight the winter season but also to show the abstract form of a women’s spirit, the print is both feminine and strong.
The lace print was inspired by vintage elements of royal crowns and faded grey, mixed with pink and nude to add softness.
Soft pantone colours of pink, mocha, grey, milk and black was used as a more neutral palette that compliments the silhouette of a women’s body
but also allows her to stand her own in the garment. The collection focuses on timeless styles with flattering details and high fashion elements.

How can you become involved in this amazing SHINE PROJECT:

The aim of the collaboration is to create awareness of the SHINE PROJECT and to explain how this program can change and enrich the lives of our children in schools, ourselves and also the women in our lives.
Through this 8 week program women will be given the opportunity and tools they need to contribute their voice, passion and abilities to this world.

• Do the course yourself and spread the word.
• Become a Shine facilitator or sponsor a curriculum to a school in your community.
• Let us know if you know of any place that could benefit from Shine.

ShineGIRL: For middle school years, Grade 7 to Grade 10
ShineWOMEN: For women from 18 years and onward
ShineHOPE: For middle school years to 18 years with an anti-trafficking educational prevention element
StrengthMAN: For men from 18 years and onward

Facebook Page:

Thank you to the TEAM who made this shoot possible!!!


Fashion Designer: Anneen Henze
Photography: Claudia De Nobrega
Styling: Anneke Roux of AnnaH
Hair & Makeup: Marli Basson
Behind The Scenes Video: Charl Du Preez of Inheritance MG
Behind The Scenes Photo: Carla Correia
Venue: Kleinevalleij Estate
Models: Marine Coetzee (Mother) & Esme Coetzee (Daughter) & Marli Basson & Anneen Henze
Assistants: Jodine Pienaar & Elzanne Aspeling & Estelle Aspeling

A very special Behind The Scenes Video was created by Charl Du Preez of Inheritance MG. Watch it below and be inspired to SHINE :) #AHInspire

❤ Love & Blessings ❤

COPYRIGHT © Claudia De Nobrega. This blogpost and all photos cannot be republished or printed without permission. Stealing makes me sad.

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