Anna & Marco | Part Two
02 November 2013
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❤ Anna & Marco | Part Two ❤

Anna and Marco are Italian and are incredibly passionate about each other and making the world a better place!
Anna is a video journalist and Marco is Designated Funding Officer at CBM International.
CBM is an international Christian development organisation, committed to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in the poorest communities of the world.
These two are definitely a dynamic duo and I am so honoured and excited to have captured their beautiful love for each other!

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Anna shares her heart and their beautiful love story...

Marco and I have a long story… we have been dating since 2005! We first met at a sit-in demonstration in Freiburg (Germany), we were both with friends squatting at the deans office in protest of raised study fees at the university. We were both activists, somewhat alternative and Italians in Germany, it just had to click.

We started seeing each other, but there was little use, I had just organised my exchange year in Mexico which would start in a couple of months and Marco was busy organising his study place in New Zealand. We would only be back in the same town in 2 years time!! We decided to enjoy the little time we had together.

Then in January 2006 it was time for me to leave, we decided not to have contact at all, it would only make it harder for us we thought. It worked out for the first month, but we were still terribly missing each other. One day an email arrived, I know we decided on a no-contact policy, but I just found out that my favourite band is playing in the town you are in. I have always wanted to see them live, maybe you can go to the concert in my place...

I wrote back,My Marco… do you really think I would not know when such a great band plays in town? I have already got tickets! The rest, as they say, is history!
He dropped his New Zealand plans, booked the flight to Mexico and joined me in Guadalajara.
Marco started an internship at a local street children shelter which lay the foundation for his later choice of working in the NGO sector (which he now does successfully and with great enthusiasm).

After I finished my semester, we decided to go see more of Latin America. We did an amazing 8 month trip through 12 different countries, travelled from Middle America to South America and ended off with the Brazilian carnival in Rio. This is probably where I realised that deep down I always wanted to be (and always have been) a journalist and keen observer of the many strange and beautiful ways of human culture.

We returned to Europe, I finished my studies in Freiburg, he completed a Bachelor in Switzerland.

Now was the time to get out again, we decided, and so we ended up in Cape Town, a place where Marco could work in the NGO field on location (and surf) and where I can do lots as well with my background in media. Our plan was to stay only one or two years… well, now it has been almost 5 years! But even though our life in Cape Town is amazing, we miss our families, they are so far away…

We decided to do an engagement shoot at our 1 year engagement anniversary because our wedding will only be next year, back in Europe. Sunset time on Signal Hill, overlooking the infinite sea on the one side and the solid mountain on the other, fits perfectly for us. Marco chose well to propose at this place! Not before talking to my parents in the good old-fashioned Italian way of course!

In August 2015, our 10 year anniversary, we will get married at a beautiful place with sea view in Italy and celebrate together with family and friends and all our loved ones from Germany, Mexico, South Africa and all over!

Its great to share such a wealth of memories, one word, one gesture, one smell and Marco and I have the same image and thought on our mind, its priceless! Obviously, we are like other couples as well with their small stupid everyday issues, but we shared, share and will share experiences together that nobody can take away from us. It makes us strong and I hope this strength helps others on their way as well.

Location: Llandudno Beach
Hair & Make-Up: Ida Webster
Assistant: My Hubby, Ricky

CLICK HERE to view PART ONE of their Engagement Shoot

❤ Love & Blessings ❤
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Anna Sacco   26 February 2014, 17:25
Watching these, my heart gets soo full… I feel blessed and thankful…!! We both love the sea so much, it symbolizes life, energy, power and calm at once – so it was perfect to take the engagement celebrations to the beach. And it was so lucky to find out that Llandudno Beach is one of your favourite shooting locations as well!! It will be beautiful to look back at these in 50 years’ time, with signs of time written all over our skin, and be reminded how young and strong we once were…! Obrigada querida amiga for all you do! ❤
Nikki Meyer   27 February 2014, 17:03
Incredible shots Claudia - WOW!! You are so gifted!