Baby Daniel
07 September 2013
Category: Newborn | Posted: 28 October 2013
❤ Baby Daniël at 5 weeks old ❤

A few months before baby Daniëls birth, Rulene and Danie had just relocated back to Cape Town, South Africa, after spending 4 years in Canada.
I had the amazing opportunity of photographing Rulenes maternity shoot at the beautiful Babylonstoren. You can view that shoot by CLICKING HERE

I recently spent a wonderful morning at Rulene and Danies home, photographing baby Daniëls newborn shoot at just 5 weeks old.

Rulene said to me she wanted stunning closeup shots of his little baby features. This was so much fun, photographing his tiny fingers, tiny toes and a little cute nose!
So you will see below I created a collage of all his little baby features just for Rulene.
I think it came out so sweet and gentle, showing all the little blessings that makeup the miracle of a little beautiful baby.

Rulene and Danie are so inlove with their little baby boy! He is just too adorable and those big gorgeous eyes and hair are just the sweetest.

While I was capturing all the baby shots, Danie took some behind-the-scenes photos! I love behind-the-scenes photos!
I get to see what the shoot looks like from the outside perspective.
I ended off this blogpost with those photos. Thank you so much Danie for taking those photos!

Rulene and Danie created the most beautiful nursery for baby Daniël. One of a kind in Cape Town as all the furniture and decor are from Canada.
When I walked into the nursery, the first thing that caught my eye, was the beautiful cot in the middle of the room and it really felt like I was walking into a glossy decor magazine! The nursery is absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you to Rulene and Danie for giving me the opportunity to capture their maternity and newborn shoot!

May God continue to bless your baby boy and all your family.

CLICK HERE to view Rulenes Maternity Shoot

❤ Love & Blessings ❤
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Melanie Wessels   29 October 2013, 07:29
Beautiful work Claudia! Rulene julle maak so n mooi familietjie - pragtige fotos!!
Rulene Maré   29 October 2013, 20:21
Claudia, yet again you produced the most amazing pictures! It was such an enjoyable day, even little Daniël was much calmer than his usual self. Thank you for all your patience during the shoot, in between feeds, nappy changes and clothing changes for Mom and Dad (nappy stayed off too long...) You are truly talented!