Baby Rachel
21 May 2013
Category: Newborn | Posted: 06 July 2013
❤ Baby Rachel at 3 weeks old ❤

With her beautiful black hair and her gorgeous eyes, baby Rachel is just too cute for words!
A little tiny bundle of joy, at just 3 weeks old, she loved moving her fingers and wiggling her toes!
It was so sweet! Dominique and Jeffrey are such proud parents of their beautiful little baby girl!
You can feel the joy and love as you watch them interact with little baby Rachel.

The grandparents joined in for a few fun family photos and you can just see how baby Rachel is so loved and adored by her family!
Really a very special shoot for a very special baby girl! Rachel is a beauty just like her gorgeous mommy!

The family dogs also joined in the shoot and you will see their little cute faces popping up every now and then!

I ended the blogpost off with a very special Bible that is a family heirloom! So special!

Thank you to Dominique and Jeffrey for giving me the opportunity to capture such a special memories!

May God bless your baby girl and all your family.

Thanks to my lovely sister, Talia, for being my awesome assistant!

Hair & Make-Up: Candice Leigh

❤ Love & Blessings ❤
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Dominique Green   22 July 2013, 11:53
Words cannot explain how happy I am with these photographs. When I was pregnant, it was critical that I have a newborn shoot and after going through Claudias newborn photos on her website, the choice was simple. The shoot was relaxed and professional and Claudia even managed to get the best out of the granddads. Thank you Claudia, you really have made one of my dreams come true! Dom