{PRETORIA} Ulanda De Villiers
23 April 2013
Category: Family , Portraits , Christian Inspiration | Posted: 13 June 2013

❤ Ulanda... An Artist. An Inspiration. A Beautiful Light. My New Friend. ❤

We travelled out of Pretoria to Skeerpoort in Hartbeespoort (situated on slopes of the Magaliesberg mountain) to their beautiful home on Safari Estate.
The name says it all, "SAFARI ESTATE" because I have never seen anything like it in my life, their back garden is full of buck, wildebeest and other wild life.
There are lions next door and at night you can hear them roar!!
it was a blessing for me because I love nature and to photograph in this environment was like a dream come true!

Ulanda has been following my work for over 2 years now, I always smile when I see her comments on my Facebook Page because she has
the most beautiful soul and it has truly been an honour to have spent time with her and photograph her wonderful family.

Ulanda De Villiers, is a Christian Artist and her artwork is called Violet Art, please visit her website here.

Ulanda explains it so beautifully on her website, read the extract below:

"Ulanda de Villiers using the name “Violet” as signature in her artwork was born in sunny South Africa and mostly grew up
on the countryside where she was surrounded by beautiful landscapes. The beauty of nature refreshes her soul.
The awe of her Maker and Creator of all. Violet prefers working in oil as a medium.
Most of her commissions are prophetic art and this is truly where her heart lies.
Every painting reflects a word that was born in her spirit. All her paintings are there to uplift and edify those that gaze upon it
Her passion: “to beautify that which is already beautiful.”

Ulanda is such an inspiration to me! Meeting Ulanda is like meeting an angel. She is filled with the love of JESUS.

I suggested to Ulanda to bring out her easel and paint during the shoot as a reflection of who she is!
WOW I was blown away by God's beautiful light as it backlit her painting and the entire shoot!
It was so beautiful as I watched their family together, the love, the laughter, the playfulness, the love of JESUS.
When 16 year old Caroli danced in the sunset light, it felt like heaven on earth, she moved like an angel in God's powerful and beautiful heavenly light.
I was inspired, my heart was completely soaked with love as His eyes became my eyes and I saw the blessing that is on this family and Ulanda.
Ulanda is a world-changer. She has impacted my life and refreshed my soul with her spiritual insight and big heart.
She raised her paint brushes up to the Lord, held them up to heaven and gave all the glory to God.

I believe this whole shoot can be summoned up with these words: Psalm 4:6 "Let The Light of Your Face Shine On Us, O LORD"

Thank you Ulanda for blessing me with your Violet Art greeting card range and your beautiful letter that I hold very close to my heart!
Thank you to Caroli for your delicious cupcake! You are just too adorable!
To Bertus and Bernard thanks for welcoming me into your home with so much warmth.
I have to mention Ferrari the Jack Russell and Daisy the Worshondjie for all the fun they brought to the shoot! :)

May the Lord Jesus continue to bless your family.

Location: Safari Estate in Hartbeespoort (outside of Pretoria)

❤ Love & Blessings ❤
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Ulanda De Villiers   14 June 2013, 09:34
Claudia I don't have words... it is just so beautiful! You captured my loved ones so perfectly in His light! Thank you, thank you a million hugs and kisses. We love it!!! What an absolute privilege to have had you here from the Cape. We feel blessed. You are a blessing send on my way. Love you!!! xxx