Christian & Mia & Lily & Anya
11 November 2012
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❤ Christian, Mia, Lily (6) and Anya (3) Rainbolt ❤

Myself and my husband, Ricky, were in search of a new parking bay for my car...

We had just moved back in after moving out because severe water damage had destroyed our flooring. (long story short).
We live in a apartment block and were given several contact details of residents that might have an extra parking bay.
Ricky contacted a few of them via email. Except one. Christian Rainbolt. We did not have any contact info for Christian, only his apartment number 302.

So one afternoon we decided to go knock on Christian Rainbolt's door and enquire about his parking bay.
We were greeted by a friendly American accent, Christian invited us inside to exchange contact details, when inside we met
Christian's lovely wife Mia and his beautiful daughters Lily (6) and Anya (3). We got briefly chatting and exchanged details.
I was so excited to hear they were missionaries for CRU - Campus Crusade for Christ from Fort Collins, Colorado in the USA but living in
Cape Town, South Africa for a year to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ as part of their ministry work for the youth at all the major university campuses.
While I was standing there in their apartment I felt a strong feeling in my heart to bless them with a complimentary photoshoot.
I was so overwhelmed by this feeling but I just kept quiet about my feeling still trying to understand this random but blessed situation.

A few days later and we actually found a parking bay (close to the elevator yay for me!) and so we didn't need Christian and Mia's parking bay.
When we exchanged contact details, Christian wrote down the web address for their personal blog and I was really excited and eager to visit their blog,
I loved it so much and that feeling got stronger and I shared this with Ricky and he also agreed that we needed to bless them with a photoshoot!

Mia emailed me to chat about the parking bay and in the email she mentioned she had been to my website blog and had loved my photography and was hoping we could do an exchange, their parking bay for a photoshoot, this confirmed it for me and actually even more exciting because she had wanted a shoot and they loved photographs, so I emailed her and explained we did not need her parking bay anymore but shared my feeling to bless them with a family shoot.
They were so excited! :)

I personally believe that the Lord wanted to bless the Rainbolt family with this gift because they are really and truly such an extraordinary and special family doing
God's work all over the world, leaving their home in the USA to travel to an unknown country to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, trusting in God for everything with their
open and loving hearts!

After this we all became great friends and I sit here with tears in my eyes because we feel so blessed to have met them and miss them very much as they are now back in the USA! I really thank the Lord for using a "parking bay situation" to bring us altogether! :) Friends for life!

Anything is possible with God, anything! He can use any situation to do amazing things in your life! God is awesome like that! :)

I smile everytime I see their photos because when I look at them it encourages me to be a better person!

Thanks to my wonderful hubby, Ricky, for assisting me on this shoot! And for Mia for packing a lovely picnic lunch!

Location: Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

CRU - Campus Crusade for Christ and the CRU Facebook Page

Christian & Mia Rainbolt Blog

❤ Love & Blessings ❤
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Mia Rainbolt   12 February 2013, 17:06
THANK YOU Claudia! What a blessing you, Ricky and these photos are to our family! What an incredible gift you have! God delights as you delight in who he created you to be! So glad you guys knocked on our door! Love to you!
Mia Rainbolt   12 February 2013, 17:18
Wow!!! These photos are AMAZING! Thank you for doing what God created you and gifted you to do for His glory! We love and miss you guys! We will treasure these pics and memories forever!
Ann Fender   13 February 2013, 00:07
These are so lovely! I realize the people in them are beautiful, but your photography is excellent also. Mia is my niece and this whole family is so very special to me! You have captured their very loving essence!