Kamersvol Geskenke 2012
22 October 2012
Category: Kamersvol Geskenke , Decor | Catering , Links We Love | Posted: 29 October 2012
Please read the blogpost before looking at the photographs... {it will also help to read this while the photos load below}

This year I was made the OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER for Kamersvol Geskenke {KAMERS} Lourensford Estate via The Pretty Blog.

I felt it truly an honour and amazing opportunity in so many ways!
When I started this website the aim was to bring pretty pictures to you but also to bring inspiration to your heart!
I never anticpated that KAMERS would inspire my heart so deeply as it did ❤

It all started at the Suppliers Morning that I photographed. All the suppliers/exhibitors were invited to a lovely morning at Lourensford Estate where Lauren Shantall,
Group PR and Communications Manager at Plascon gave a great visual presentation on the latest summer trends!
One of the biggest trends are the pastel colours and wow did KAMERS really embrace that trend, I absolutely loved all the corals, mint greens, powder blues, pinks and yellows! When they say that KAMERS brings PINTEREST to life, it's no joke! It really does!
Some popular items were the bunnies, birds, sheep, flowers and of course in celebration of Movember.. the moustache! :)

As I photographed KAMERS it felt as if I was Alice In Wonderland finding my way through a tent of dreams, creativity and amazement, encountering exciting adventures along my way! I chatted to exhibitors, made new friends and was overwhelmed with all the kindness and smiles and overall happiness that all the exhibitors had!
It was a creative buzz everywhere! I met so many wonderful people but I would just like to name a few that impacted my heart in a big unexpected way!

Janine Van Zyl {from COLD COLD} | see photo below of Janine

After a long day of photographing I decided to get something yummy to eat and I went to the catering tent and there was Janine behind the COLD COLD stall, we chatted and Janine told me how greatful she was for the photos that I took of her at the Suppliers Morning. I ordered a single scoop of guava and vanilla sorbet ice-cream and Janine gave me a double scoop instead! How incredibly sweet! I walked away from KAMERS that day thinking wow what a great day and how kind and special Janine was to give me a double scoop! A small token of kindness and appreciation that stayed with me the whole week! Janine spoke to me about her business and how she works really hard and has a great passion for her product. It was so awesome and encouraging to hear this young girl speak with so much enthusiasim and love about her passion! Her small gesture of kindness left a lasting impression on me! ❤

Estelle Schnider {from BARISTA SISTA} | see photo below of Estelle

I spotted Estelle at the Suppliers Morning , she actually stood out for me by what she was wearing, a gorgeous dress with a mint green top and a coral bottom (it just so happens these are my two favo colours at the moment) she was tall and elegant and carried herself very well, her smile was so beautiful and she looked really happy!
We never met that day but I didn't forget her. On the Monday I immediately spotted the elegant and very beautiful Estelle behind the BARISTA SISTA coffee/tea station.
Right beside her coffee station I saw a wooden easel with photos of an elderly woman, with the words...
ODE TO MY MOTHER, ROCK OF AGES, AMAZING GRACE & LIFE IS A BEAUTIFUL SONG on the easel (see photo of easel below).
I thought that must be her deceased mother or grandmother or someone close to her and she was doing that in memory of them. I thought it to be beautiful and it was made with so much love and care that it also made me think of how much I love my grandmother. It was these words that Estelle told me that blew me away....
"That is my mother on the easel, but she is still alive and I want to honour her while she is still alive" ...
I thought this gesture of love that a daughter has for her mother was truly so inspiring and heartwarming! When myself and Estelle started chatting, I realised that this woman is not only so beautiful on the outside but on the inside her beauty multiplies by the millions, I realised that glow that my camera was drawn too was that of a beautiful heart ❤

Andrea Semple {from ANDREA'S TOPIARY CREATIONS} | see photo below of Andrea

Everyone who attends KAMERS knows about the "CHRISTMAS STALL" with the famous reindeers!
Last year I photographed the reindeers and I promised myself in 2012 I would buy a reindeer at KAMERS. So on Monday I photographed the beautiful Christmas Stall and met Andrea! What a lovely woman! She was so appreciative of me photographing her Christmas Stall and I just loved every minute of photographing all her creativity!
I went back to KAMERS on Saturday with my mom and decided to do abit of shopping aswell, it was the day I was going to buy my reindeer! I went over to Andrea to say hi and what I love about Andrea is she instantaneously called me "CLAUDS" :) It was like we had been friends forever! I picked up my reindeer to purchase and she said to me: "no you can have it, a thank you for taking such lovely photographs of my products" I was so overwhelmed at that point, I gave her a big hug and thanked her for blessing me with the reindeer! A random act of kindness from a stranger who felt like a friend! ❤

These three experiences with women I had never met before touched my heart... ❤
It inspired me and encouraged me and I felt so blessed by my journey at KAMERS and realised there is much to be learnt from Janine, Estelle and Andrea's kind hearts! ❤

Thank you to ALL suppliers and exhibitors for allowing me to photograph all your amazing products!
It was lovely meeting and chatting to some of you and I wish you all the very best of success!

I want to thank Gina Potgieter from TWO ON TOAST for giving me her two very pretty milk cartons just because I loved them so much! :)

I want to thank Charl du Preez of GO LIVE YOUR LOVE for doing all the social media and for always keeping me updated and for crediting every single photo I took!

I want to mention Vanessa de Villiers whose OUT OF THE ORDINARY FRAMES were such a big hit that she was almost sold out on the first day! That she had to go all the way home to Piketberg and work through the night to make a new batch of frames and then was blessed to be approached by Woolworths the next day!
Vanessa you go girl! The sky is your limit my friend! Your dedication and perseverance are something to be admired! Can't wait to place my order! :)

A huge big thank you to the KAMERS TEAM, Amelia, Wanda, Hesta, Magdel, Nicky, Lize-Marie and Leopold for giving me the opportunity to photograph their 10 year KAMERS event at Lourensford Estate! It was truly an honour to meet and work with all of you! The reason behind your success is because of the amazing people you all are! You are all so wonderful and your bond as friends and as a team is beautiful and so inspirational! Thank you with all my heart ❤

Thanks and big hugs go to The Pretty Blog girls, Christine Meintjes , Nicola Pretorius! Not only did you bless me by giving me the opportunity be the KAMERS official photographer but I feel blessed by your friendship, love and support! I have so enjoyed being a contributor on The Pretty Blog and the blog definetly holds a very special place in my heart! Thanks for always believing in me! You girls rock! :)

Thanks to both my mom-in-law and my mom for joining me on a few of the days! Loved it!

I feel blessed to have been apart of KAMERS Lourensford 2012 not just beacuse of all the pretty photos that I enjoyed taking but mostly because of the people that came in my path and the friendships that were formed.

Now thank you for reading this very long blogpost! Onto the pretty things, I am just loving all the summer and pastel colour trends at KAMERS !

These are a few of my favo photos, but if you want to see more photos or if you are a supplier looking for your photos then please also go have a look at my
KAMERS FACEBOOK ALBUM . Feel free to tag yourselves and share the pics!

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Janet Ormond {www.bokkeandblomme.co.za}   30 October 2012, 12:17
Your photos captured Kamers beautifully! Really enjoyed looking through them.
Heleen Cilliers {COSY KIDS}   30 October 2012, 13:13
Hi Claudia, Congratulations! You have outdone yourself. The photo's are beautiful - you have a very special talent.
Terina {www.tdesigns.co.za}   30 October 2012, 13:43
Beeeeautiful photos!! :) Cannot wait for next year. So pretty!
Vanessa de Villiers {OUT OF THE ORDINARY FRAMES}   30 October 2012, 13:50
OOOO Claudia, you are giving me goosebumps and making ME CRY!! Thank you for all the love, tenderness, youre smile & HUGs when I needed the most! It is for sure an privilige to call you a friend, dearest beautiful lady! You are a jewel! xox Baie plattelandse liefde xxx
Two on Toast {www.twoontoast.co.za}   30 October 2012, 14:33
Claudia, you couldn't have done a better job of capturing the real essence of Kamers in your thoughtful words and beautiful photographs! It was such a treat to browse your soft, romantic shots so soon after the event! We are incredibly proud to feature in your album! The Two on Toast Girls xxx
Andrea Semple {ANDREA'S TOPIARY CREATIONS}   30 October 2012, 17:15
Dear Claudia, what absolutely beautiful pictures!!! I'm just in awe of the beautiful pics you took, well done. Keep in touch as your pics are really too beautiful and make my products look stunning!! Thank you Lol Andrea xxx
Janine van Zyl {COLD COLD}   30 October 2012, 18:08
WOW! thanks Claudia! You did a great job! and thank you so much for the mention! You are a true inspiration! You couldn't have done a better job of capturing the real essence of Kamers in your thoughtful words and beautiful photographs! It was such a treat to browse your soft, romantic shots so soon after the event! xxxxx Much Love! You deserve more than a double scoop! When you have a chance please come pop into the Cold Gold shop sometime! xxxx
Estelle Schnider {BARISTA SISTA}   30 October 2012, 19:49
Dearest Claudia. You are an amazing,young talent. Your pictures speak volumes. Lots of love. Estelle. xxxxxx
KAMERS TEAM   30 October 2012, 22:22
Thank you for these beautiful words and your gorgeous images! We really love what you did and couldn't have shared KAMERS with the world without you. We can't wait to share this post on Facebook and the website. Hope your business gets loads of exposure through your amazing contribution to KAMERS and that we will see much more from you in the future! The KAMERS Team xxx
Charl du Preez {KAMERS}   30 October 2012, 22:31
Wow, Claudia! A thousand beautiful pictures speak a million unspeakable words! I've said it before and it's still true - working with the photos is probably my favourite part of KAMERS and I really loved your carefully composed, edited and selected surprises in my inbox every day. I hope we can work together again soon. Many blessings! C
Colette {FRENCH BROCANTE)   12 November 2012, 08:54
Thank you Claudia for sharing these beautifull images. Looking at these, make me wish I had more time to visit all the exhibitors, I have missed so much! Thank you for including my products as well, seeing it through your eyes is much appreciated recognition.. Best wishes Colette FRENCH BROCANTE
Jitra {RED BALLOON REVOLUTION}   12 November 2012, 12:38
Wow Claudia, your pictures are eyecandy! We are proud to be part of the album! Good luck on your amazing creativity!
The Pretty Blog   22 November 2012, 14:38
This is why we love Claudia De Nobrega! She is such a passionate, positive and loving woman. Oh, and did I mention her incredible photography skills. She beautifully captures the spirit of Kamersvol Geskenke in words and images.
Lana {www.lanaloustyle.com}   17 September 2013, 09:32
Such beautiful photos Claudia! Looks like I missed out by not going last year. Can I ask what lens you used?