Alexa & Simon | Part Two
24 March 2012
Category: Couples | Engagement | Posted: 28 April 2012

Alexa is such a beautiful person on the inside and out and I am lucky to call her my awesome friend!
Alexa was one of my bridesmaids and now I have the absolute honour of being her bridesmaid on her wedding day on the 18 August 2012.

The last few months have been super exciting, helping her plan her wedding and in all this we made time to do an "out of the box" engagement shoot.
Actually not one shoot, but two shoots photographed on the same day! Yikes! Yes we all had a good nights sleep that evening after all the hard work,
but it was all worth it and I have dedicated two blogposts to these awesome shoots! :)

Simon proposed to Alexa in Venice, Italy on the 6 June 2011 on a gondola! I mean how romantic is that! Alexa tells of how Simon proposed below...

Alexa is a Professional Pastry Chef and Simon owns Food Lovers Market in Cape Town and they both work together.
Alexa made EVERYTHING yummy you see in this shoot! Alexa also has her own personal catering company called "Lexy's Sweet Cheeks"

We tried to style everything around their wedding colour scheme Mint Green and also incorporate their passions and professions.

Alexa styled her own outfits, hair and makeup and I love the mint colour flowers in her hair and and how in the second shoot Simon wore the mint green jersey.
Anyone can have a styled engagement shoot, if you willing to put in the hard work and effort then nothing is impossible.

Don't forget to go to the PREVIOUS BLOGPOST to view PART ONE of their engagement shoot photographed of them having fun it the kitchen
where they both baked up a storm together!

Alexa describes in her own words their very romantic proposal in Venice Italy...

"We arrived in Venice, Italy after a long exhausting flight, the weather was not looking too great, so Simon suggested we needed to investigate the weather patterns for the next few days, we discovered that the following day was going to be the only evening without rain. Simon suggested we get all dressed up and have dinner to enjoy our only evening without rain. During the course of that day Simon was in a panic as he had forgotten the new code to his suitcase lock, he struggled to get it open and was in complete stress, as without my knowledge there was a certain little box secretly hidden in that particular suitcase.
He eventually remembered the code which was I might say 3 zeros (000) .... :)

We got all dressed up as per Simon's great suggestion and headed to a nice restaurant near the Rialto Bridge (a Venice landmark).
We had a lovely dinner of fresh seafood and great wine at the restaurant Alla Madonna in Rialto, and then mid conversation Simon brings up marriage and says,
“what’s the rush?” and "there’s plenty of time” and all I am thinking is “are u kidding me?”
I mean I knew we had spoken about marriage and it was definitely going to happen but here he comes with this out of nowhere and massacres my hopes into the ground, I remember feeling so bleak and discouraged and then having doubts that he maybe didn’t want the same thing as I did anymore which was to be married soon and start a family. As we left the restaurant I was feeling a bit down and Simon for some reason had walked off right ahead of me without warning and so I raced to catch up, I found him on the platform by the sea edge chatting to one of the Gondola men, obviously trying to organise a ride as we had been talking about doing it.

As we were on the Gondola riding out into the night, the air was warm and the view beautiful and the Gondolier chatting away about the history of the Venice city and each new building we came across. Then as the ride was reaching it's end we started coming under the Rialto bridge and I looked at the man waiting for some history information and saw him looking intently at Simon saying “under the bridge, now” (apparently in their quick chat prior to the ride, he made it very clear to Simon that Simon had to propose under the bridge as its tradition) so there he was saying this, I was confused and as I looked back at Simon, there he was standing infront of me with a little box, I felt the gondola swaying a bit, and my heart exploded with excitement and joy and love and just so many emotions I can’t describe them all, and then the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” wow now this was a difficult question haha, I felt the tears welling, automatically answering YES and threw my arms around him!

He then started telling me about how nervous he’d been the last few days and how he had asked my parents’ permission just the morning before our flight and how his sister and my sister and goodness knows who else were trying on the ring in his moms garage the day before our flight, and I knew none of this, I didn’t even have a hunch but I felt very special and so grateful for the amount of effort he put into everything and just how romantic it all really was and so happy that we were finally making this committment to each other and that we were now able to start our lives together.

The 6 June 2011 on the Gondola in Venice is a night I will always remember.
God has truly blessed us abundantly with His love and we both strive and are continuously striving to conduct our marriage in the way God intends for us.
Only Christ can make a marriage successful in His Love, submissiveness and perseverance amongst many things and our purpose is to glorify Him through those things every step of the way

Don't forget to go to the PREVIOUS BLOGPOST to view PART ONE of their engagement shoot photographed of them having fun it the kitchen
where they both baked up a storm together!

Enjoy! ❤
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Analita   30 April 2012, 14:16
love, love, love how you bring in little details like "the map" into the shoot
Nasii Nunes   30 April 2012, 14:21
Both of you - Totally Beautiful people! ♥
Shannon Lee   30 April 2012, 18:15
Beautiful photo shoot Clauds! Brilliant creativity.
Pascale Dorp {}   04 May 2012, 14:09
I stumbled across your website today and I think I am obsessed! Your work is amazing. I think the engagement shoot is stunning!
Marcelle Noble   06 May 2012, 12:36
Wow! How very special. I am in New Zealand and have shown so many of my friends here. These shoots are beautiful and so very creative. Thanks Alexa for sending to me.
Amorita   06 May 2012, 14:36
Wow!!!!!! this is incredible, thanks for sharing this with us, soooo wished we could make it for you special day!!!
Lyn & Shane   07 May 2012, 04:08
Gorgeous pics - so glad Marcelle forwarded them on. Alexa - can't believe the little girl I once knew is all grown up and ready to get married. You will make a gorgeous bride - enjoy all the preparations and especially the big day. Hope to see you guys for a visit in NZ one day!
Pat Noble   07 May 2012, 09:30
Absolutely beautiful, Alexa you look amazing.