Colour Conference 2012
01 April 2012
Category: Christian Inspiration , Personal | Posted: 24 April 2012
Over 4000 women of all ages gathered at Grandwest Arena this past weekend to attend the amazing world-famous Hillsong Colour Conference 2012.
(see info below if you would like to attend next year)

The Hillsong Colour Conference is all about placing value on humanity, everyday women whose desire is to make a difference and make the world a better world.

ONE LOVE, ONE HEART, ONE SISTERHOOD frames The Colour Conference, the Colour Sisterhood and a rising movement of women across the earth,
who have a devotion, love and committment to be the change in their local and global communities.


The amazing host BOBBIE HOUSTON and guest speakers CHRISTINE CAINE and VERA KASEVICH are incredible woman who uplifted us with God's Word and whose Bible teachings impacted my heart and soul.


I had been wanting to attend COLOUR for about a year now, but then life took over and I forgot to register and I booked a photoshoot on the same date COLOUR was on.
I didn't want to move my photoshoot and upset my client. I had been praying and praying about COLOUR and in my heart I had promised God if I was able to attend I
would bless my mother and purchase a ticket for her too come with me... secretly my husband had also been praying and had promised God that if I was able to attend
then He would bless me and purchase my ticket and purchase a ticket for his mother too! On the Tuesday morning before COLOUR my client had emailed to say she had to postpone our photoshoot. God surely has a plan for everything!

I emailed my client and told her that of course we could postpone her photoshoot and also that I was now able to attend COLOUR due to circumstances that her shoot had to be postponed it all worked out. She was so supportive and she replied: "Yes God indeed has a plan for everything – I couldn't agree more!"
I was blown away by God's goodness and my client's understanding and support!

So before I could say "snap crackle and pop" my husband had already started to purchase our tickets online, then I called up my aunty and cousin as they had told me
that if I attend they would like to come with aswell. My sister and her friend were already attending and a another friend was attending with her mom.

So our girlie group enlarged to 9 ladies in total! How awesome is God! Not only did I get to attend but my mom, my sister, my mom-in-law, my aunty, my cousin and a few good friends were going to attend aswell.

This is my awesome testimony of how I came to attend COLOUR 2012!!!


On Friday morning I woke up super excited for the weekend ahead, I had no idea what to expect, I just knew God was going to do something amazing in my heart and in the hearts of all ladies attending!

I went there with expectations, and God exceeded my expectations completely!
BOBBIE HOUSTON told us at the beginning of the conference that we would blink and it would be finished. So I made a point of soaking up every moment, every speaker, every worship song, the ambience, the friendships, I even thoroughly enjoyed the 2 slices of banana bread that we had in our lunch bags! :)

I just let myself go and allowed God to pour His Holy Spirit into my heart. I was still and I opened my heart.

Over 4000 women joining together to celebrate Jesus Christ and to celebrate sisterhood and the value that women have in the world.
It was beautiful and so special. Jesus is ALIVE and He was present!

Bobbie's message on Friday was to go home and just FLOURISH in our hearts and lives! ❤ FLOURISH BABY FLOURISH

When the bible scripture says: Micah 5:1 "Gather the daughters in troops!" while this is exactly what happened and God was ever Faithful and HE WAS THERE and
in every heart Jesus was felt and lives were changed and hearts were opened. We all walked out there different women!
Women ready to make a change in a world where change is desperately needed!

I went there with an open heart and God placed these words in my heart, "GO AND BEAR FRUIT" that was my personal revelation this weekend.

After this weekend, I feel like I am on fire for God, I want to take everything I learnt and all the things God planted in my heart and I want to bring Glory to God.

I want to play my part in the SISTERHOOD of this world.

I want to be a better woman in every single way!

I am going to quickly summarise some key points that I learnt from COLOUR:

- Nothing is Impossible with God. Jesus got me to COLOUR without me even trying!
- My entire family practically went with me. Nothing is Impossible with God!
- Jesus changes lives!
- We need to enlarge our hearts to not only our own families but to enlarge our hearts to the rest of the world,
because although a stranger might not be our direct family, that stranger is part of God's family. So enlarge your heart!
- Jesus loves and cares for you!
- Jesus forgives us! We are new creations through Jesus! The old is gone! Forget about your past! Embrace the new you! :)
- God is Able! He can do anything! He is also able to give you Wisdom and the tools to bring about change in this world.
- Don't neglect your relationship with Jesus. Speak to Him as if He is your best friend!
- As a man thinks so they are! So stop thinking negative thoughts and don't forget how much God loves and values you! You have a purpose!
- God is ready to move in your life! So let Him in!
- He always keeps His promises! So don't lose hope!
- If you prayer and ask God for something! He will answer, but don't rely on your timing! Put your trust in His timing! He has the perfect plan!
- Don't put a due date on God's promises! Trust Him!
- "NOT NOW" does not mean "NEVER" it just means "NOT YET" :)
- If God said it! He will do it!
- Awaken! Rise Up!
- Embelish your life with Beauty! :) ❤ ❤ ❤
- Smile and laugh until your stomach hurts! :) God also has a sense of humour! :)

I asked a few ladies who attended COLOUR to also share how it impacted their hearts. I hope you will be blessed by their beautiful testimonies:

Nastasha Nunes also known as THE NASII (my awesome cousin & invaluable assistant & aspiring Children's Illustrator) Visit Nastasha's Blog Here
"Went there Expecting and got way more from God than I expected.
By the start of the first worship song, the presence of God hit me and I was just consumed in His love.
Definitely experienced a greater level of intimacy with God and a stirring in my heart to lay down my life completely into the Hands of God who holds my life.
And a stirring to live out the promises He gave to me."

Helga Van Niekerk | Radio Presenter at CCFM 107.5 on the Rise & Shine Morning Show |
"I LOVED the Colour Conference. IT was just so wonderful to have so many women gathering to worship.
I came out of the Colour Conference energised & encouraged.
It doesn't matter how little we have to bring to God's kingdom, He will use it, IF we bring it.
With God ALL things are possible.
Zillions of rich blessings. Helga - CCFm xxx"

Kate Lagwa | Center Manager & Head Social Worker at Fikelela Children's Centre
"I was greatly impacted by COLOUR conference 2012.
It inspired me to continue to rise up, be me and do what God has asked only me to do.
As a manager of an orphanage, every day I am faced with the heartache, the pain in the children's eyes as they have been orphaned, abandoned and neglected.
Their self worth has been destroyed all before the age of 8 years. With such a high number of children I can often wonder how am I really making a difference.
HOWEVER, colour conference reminded me that EVERYTHING counts. They reminded me that as Royalty, as a Princess I can access the whole kingdom and that I am not alone. As we each do our bit, as we each reach out to the ones put in our hands My Family, God is able to move.
Each time a child smiles, each time I hear a laugh or get a hug and kiss I am reminded that they have seen a glimpse of Gods heart for them and they are given a new start by me showing them their worth in Christ. Colour Conference has given me a fresh start to continuing to be set apart CHANGING the world ONE child at a time."

Denise Boltman | Volunteer & Trainer for Focus on the Family | Motivational & Inspirational Speaker
What a joy to be one of the 4500 odd women who gathered to honour the Lord and to be encouraged by all the labours of love "the girlfriends" are doing around the world. The theme she is one, she is many, is so profound. Often when we are out there doing what we do and we can feel alone.
And yet God has his Princesses all over the globe reaching out with His love to touch and heal others. How awesome is our God.
The opening talk from "Mamma" (Vera Kasevich) of the Sisterhood, beautiful Bobbie Houston, spoke deeply into our hearts of the Vision God has placed in her heart for the sisterhood for this year and beyond. And told of the faithfulness of God in years past. There was a word of correction, love and encouragement for every women there By His Spirit women were healed and empowered and challenged to Be the difference. "selah baby selah" - pause, stop and listen!
PS: love the beautiful journal they gave us! What a generous heart our Father has!

Johanna Vdm Brouwer | Owner of the beautiful decor store OLD LONDON ROAD
"About two and a half years ago I attended my first Hillsong Sisterhood at the Good Hope Centre in Cape Town ...
That day I stood in total awe of the passion and expectation in the hearts of the women around me.
Never for a moment did I think that could be surpassed but this weekend it was!
Colour 2012 was one of those experiences where you found yourself looking around in amazement at the zeal in the hearts of women,
standing together declaring Gods favour and blessing over their city, families and over the women of the earth.
I had personally been to concerts at the Grandwest but to stand in that same arena with thousands of other women laughing, crying, singing and listening was a blessing beyond words."

Anna Nunes (my stunning & very wise aunty)
"Colour Conference was a real inspiration and motivational for me because it encouraged me to continue with what I am doing in serving God,
it increased my Faith and made me feel empowered to go out there and make a difference! It really lifted my spirits and made me feel, that I cud do anything!
I think it gave a lot of hope to those who had lost all hope, and maybe felt like they were alone. There was an awesome presence of God,
I think everyone that went to conference even if they weren't expecting something walked out of there different!
There's really no words to explain the feeling when you walk out of there, but one thing I definitely felt was complete peace and joy! xxx"

Talia Ferreira (my gorgeous sister)
"Colour sisterhood 2012, impacted my heart in so many ways...
but mostly knowing that we ARE ALL daughters of Christ and can achieve what people may say as the impossible, POSSIBLE!!
Jesus Stole my heart this weekend... Life Changing :) xoxo"

Lidia Ferreira (my beautiful mother)
"What an amazing, uplifting and spiritual experience!
Looking so forward to the next COLOUR!!!!!"

Paula Marcelino (amazing woman of Christ)
"Wow... What an amazing 2 days!
The Grand West arena was filled with thousands of beautiful women wanting to grow closer to Jesus
and I am so thankful that I was blessed with an opportunity experience this conference with
one of my best friends (and sister) Talia Ferreira and her family.
This conference came at the right time as I felt i needed some upliftment and guidance- and God knew this... This was all part of His plan:)
During the praise and worship it was amazing to see how the ladies stepped out of fear and surrendered everything to God who is ABLE!
I now know that there is no promise that is too hard for God to fulfil! Jesus Christ has claimed victory for us and apart from Jesus we are nothing!
I am putting my faith in God and His word, not in man and on the facts of circumstances.
I know God has a purpose for me I need to seek His face and know that it will be revealed in His perfect time."

Carmia Leao (adorable & the cutest girl ever, also soon to be mommy)
"COLOUR was amazing! I have never seen so many women gather and worship together at one place!
I have to do something! I can't just sit around and wait for something to fall in my lap!
I want to be a mighty woman warrior!"

Candice Sherry (my lovely & sweetheart friend)
"Colour was all about the special women coming alongside each other and uplifting each other so that we can tackle the rest of 2012 with grace, beauty and perseverance. It was a reminder that the feminine heart has a part to play and that we need to have a God revelation of our truest selves (which is in the image of Him) so that we can make a difference to a world that is in much need of a woman’s peaceful touch. We are living in the latter days and more than ever we need to position ourselves in our local churches, offering what we have in our hands. We need to live faith-filled, self-controlled lives, overcoming the spirit of fear within us by being connected to the Vine of Jesus Christ. To conclude, the Lord wants to “crown the year with His Bounty” (Psalm 65 v 11) but we need to navigate our journey and year well by taking more “Selah” moments to hear what the next step in our lives must be. Ladies, open your hearts, open your hands, open your homes! Produce that vintage crop!!!"

If you attended COLOUR and you have a testimony please write your testimony in the comments bar below this blogpost! :)
Would love to hear how COLOUR impacted your heart! ❤

Or if this blogpost has inspired you, please tell us below in the comments bar! :)


If you would like to attend next year, it will be on the 12-13 April 2013 at the Grandwest Arena.
I have already purchased my ticket and I can't wait!!!!
Please visit and click on Cape Town 2013 or which ever country of your choice to register and purchase your ticket.

Here are some awesome links & resources:

Please view below the PROMO VIDEO for next year's HILLSONG COLOUR CONFERENCE 2013

Enjoy some snapshots of COLOUR below... :)
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Helga Van Niekerk {Radio Presenter at CCFM 107.5}   24 April 2012, 14:17
Oh Wow, Claudia, you have done an incredible job here! Well done! :-)
Taryn Burger   24 April 2012, 16:44
I was brought to tears reading your post Claudia. I felt a glimpse of what you experienced and just wish I was there too. You are making a difference, with your heart so open and your love for Jesus so evident in everything you do. He is using you for his glory and my prayer is for you is that God will richly bless you for honouring his holy name. Love and Blessings. Taryn B xx
Analita Farelo   26 April 2012, 11:01
amazing heart-warming - Thank You!
Paula Marcelino   24 July 2012, 13:20
WoW Claudz- looking at the pics and reading the testimonies made it feel like i was back at Colour Conference. It was truly AMAZING:)- to God be the glory! The blog is beautiful too- thankyou for using your talents to bring Him honour:) love you lots my sister in Christ:)