Ben & Tienie | Part Two
25 February 2012
Category: Baby , Equine | Posted: 04 April 2012
I was so excited when Rita and Ladine contacted me to come back and photograph Baby Ben (4 months old) and Baby Tienie (5 months old)
at their Diemersdal Estate. I had photographed Baby Ben when he was a newborn and Baby Tienie joined in on a few of the photos of that shoot.

Click here to see Ben's Newborn Photoshoot

Baby Tienie and Baby Ben are the grandchildren of Diemersdal Estate and since it's harvesting time,
Baby Ben & Baby Tienie did some "grape-stomping" together with the help of mom's Rita and Ladine of course! :)

Then we had the Diemersdal pony's join the shoot and Baby Ben and Baby Tienie had a pony ride! :)

We also did some fun shots inside the Manor House! Love the vintage and antique decor in the Diemersdal Manor House so I added some decor pics aswell.

Thank you to grandmother, Joanita for once again welcoming us into their beautiful home. Thank you to Rita and Ladine for such an exciting and fun-filled shoot! :)

There is just so much detail and fun in their shoot that I decided to divide the shoot as PART ONE and PART TWO.

Please go have a look at their website and blog and be sure to pop in at Diemersdal sometime!

Thank you to Nasii for assisting me on this shoot.

Don't forget to view PART ONE (click here to view).
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