Welcome & Happy Spring!
13 September 2011
Category: News | Posted: 04 September 2011
Welcome to our NEW WEBSITE!!! Yeah!!! :)

In the Southern Hemisphere, we are celebrating Spring! :)
Spring is a time of new beginnings, the season of growth, life and renewal.
So what better time to launch our new website then during Spring! :)

As this is a new beginning for me, for us and for my photography, this website is going to be a source of growth for my work,
it's going to be on this website that my photography will grow and in the same way we will grow and learn! It's a very exciting day! :)

One of my favourite photographers, Jasmine Star, said: "I am loud, because for so long I was way too quiet..."

As soon as I heard Jasmine say it, I just knew it was going to stick with me forever!
I believe this is my time to be "loud" (not verbally loud...haha...unless we're at a big Portuguese family function...)
for me it's more about being brave and having the courage, taking a leap of faith,
being "loud" because life's just too short to be "quiet"...
My voice has found it's volume dial and I am so excited to see what the future holds!

A few days ago, I found this awesome little quote on Pinterest... "Dear Destiny, I am ready now"...
It felt as if that quote was meant for me, a little reminder from God, just to let me know that I am ready to take this leap of faith! :)

So today is a new beginnning for me, for us and for VDA STUDIOS :)
Cheers to growth, learning, sharing, creativity, lots and lots of photographs and to using my voice at just the right volume! :)

I want my website to be an extension of me, an extension of who I am, this website is a little piece of my soul.
It's a where I will share my dreams, my thoughts, my photography and my voice.

A big thank you to my husband, Ricky, whose love, encouragement, skill and support has meant so much to me!
This would not at all be possible without him! He is my business partner and my angel! :)
Ricky is also a very talented photographer and designer and his photographs will also be featured on this website!
Our different strengths and skills combined make us a great team!
Ricky motivated me to press forward and he shows me everyday that hardwork, committment, self-discipline & passion are key to a successful business.
My husband knows my heart and my dreams! His Love for me keeps my head above water because he believes in me! ❤

There are going to be lots of surprises and exciting stuff coming soon!!! :)
As part of all the excitement we will be giving away a complimentary photoshoot... :) More information coming in the next few days.

I will go into more detail soon about how this whole concept came to be, but today I just want to welcome everyone
to our new home in cyberspace, I hope you will feel at home here and please come back to visit soon!


Love & hugs,
Claudia ❤
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