Lucille & Iain Stewart
26 June 2011
Category: Maternity | Posted: 31 August 2011
I will never forget that moment when I received that sms from Lucille saying: "I'm pregnant!!"
I did the *happy dance* and began to think up maternity shoot and all types of photo ideas!

See Lucille and I have been great friends for many years, (she was also one of my bridesmaids)
and I always pictured her as a "mommy" as Lucille is just too cute, she has so much love in her heart for others,
she's the person that always goes the extra mile for the people she cares about!

On their wedding day, it rained and their couple photo session got cut short due to the bad weather,
and yet they still had the most exquisite and stunning photos in the rain!

So when it was time to do their maternity shoot, I wanted to treat them! :)

Weeks before, I began to rattle my brain and think of unique ideas, new ideas for their shoot!
I sent Lucille a long list of ideas and props and then Lucille went shopping! :)

My favourites have to be when they are reading the baby books and Iain's book says:
"What nobody tells a new father...", just the title of the book alone had me in stitches!

The blue and white picnic blanket was very special and dear to Lucille as it was her grandmother's blanket.

""Bunting" is my new craze! I love bunting! It's so cute!
When I asked Lucille what she thought of my bunting idea she offered to make the bunting herself! :)

I also got so excited when they let me style their outfits, I was allowed to raid their cupboards and when Iain showed me his green takkies
and I found that red checked shirt in his cupboard and picked out the green cardigan and brown boots for Lucille, I just knew we were going to have so much fun! :)

We had so many other ideas... but that's all going to come soon when we do little Tré's baby shoot! :)
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Barbara   14 September 2011, 14:57
Wow what stunning pictures of a great couple! Love his facial expression when his reading the book - priceless. Awesome idea as well. Wishing you all the luck for your future projects and look forward to working with you soon again my dear friend. Lots of love B
Karmen   14 September 2011, 18:20
WOW these are absolutely stunning photos :-) Ahh :-) XX
Carin Londt   15 September 2011, 09:44
Well done Claudia, what I love about it, is when you look at the pictures it tells a story and you capture the very essence of what they feeling inside! I will definately book you for my next pregnancy :)
Lynette Da Luz   01 October 2011, 20:31
These photos are absolutely amazing! It tells a story! I have never ever seen anything as beautiful as this maternity shoot! I love every picture but I found myself laughing in stitches with both of them reading the book and their facial expressions! It is so adorable! Well done Claudia! You are an amazing artist photographer! Lucille & Iain, by now you had the baby, these photos aren't even mine but I feel as if I want all of them because they are so beautiful! What treasured memories! :)
claire nicola   15 November 2011, 11:43
oh Claudia! I love, love, love your pictures! This is my first time on your blog, and this little maternity shoot has me in the most inspired mood...thanks for the awesomeness! x
Lucille Stewart   24 September 2013, 19:01
Dear Claudia, This photo shoot was so great. Every part of it was raided our cupboards, picked our outfits, did hair and make are an inspiration to so many with your passion and talent. Thanks to you I have so many memories and pictures to put in our house of my family and to show my children when they are older. The gift you give with your God given talent is amazing and so generous. The pics are so colourful and full of life. It really captures Iains personality :) Thank you my dear friend. xxx