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Q: What inspires you? Tell me more about yourself?
A: Everything you need to know about me ... visit my About page!
Q: Booking Procedure: How to book a photoshoot?
A: 1. Please check my Availability Calendar and see if your date is available.
2. View my Packages and pick the one most suitable to your requirements.
3. Complete the online Enquiry Form.
4. You will then receive a reply email with your invoice & "booking form client agreement" attached.
5. Please sign the ‘booking form client agreement’ and pay the 50% non-refundable deposit.
6. Email or fax me your signed ‘booking form client agreement’ & your proof of payment to secure your booking.
7. I will reply with a confirmation email, advising you that your booking is secure.
8. One week before your photoshoot you will receive a notification to please pay the outstanding balance.
9. All that’s left to do is smile & have fun! :)
Q: What is the procedure after our photoshoot?
A: 1. Editing and all post-production takes place.
2. Once completed, you will be notified that your photoshoot will be posted on my website.
     Your notification will contain a direct link to the blogpost, which you can send to family & friends.
3. I will contact you to arrange collection/postage of your PHOTO DISC.
4. If included in your package: I then start the design process on your PHOTOBOOK.
5. Once the design is done, I will email you the proofs with a design form.
6. Any design changes required, need to be indicated on the design form and emailed or faxed back to me.
7. Once you are satisfied and I’ve received your confirmation, I will start with printing / binding / packaging.
8. I will contact you to arrange collection/postage of your PHOTOBOOK.
9. Please note: Lead-times from editing & post-production to receiving your photobook range from 4-8 weeks.
Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: If, for some reason you need to cancel your photoshoot, we will then re-schedule/postpone to the next available date.
However, if you wish to terminate your booking completely, the deposit fee unfortunately is considered non-refundable.
  -  Can I post the photographs on my own website, blog, facebook or any online social media network?
  -  Can I supply the photographs to my service providers for their usage?
  -  Can I use the photographs for a printed or online magazine or blog article?
A: I reserve copyright and all rights on my photographs.
Yes, photographs may be used, on condition that I am credited wherever my images are used or displayed.
Please notify me if any of my images are published or featured. Also included on your PHOTO DISC will be an additional folder labelled "WEB", these images are "web-ready" for online and web usage and contain my credit. These images are ideal for email, online, all web, facebook and social media usage.

Claudia De Nobrega |
Claudia De Nobrega | VDA STUDIOS
Claudia De Nobrega from VDA STUDIOS
Q: What equipment do you use? Do you shoot in digital?
A: CAMERA: Canon 7D
LENS: Canon L series 24-70mm 2.8 f
Yes, only digital. I shoot everything in colour and then I’ll make certain photos B/W during the editing process.
Q: Do you shoot RAW or JPEG? Do you supply HIGH-RESOLUTION images?
A: RAW. After the editing & post-production process, all photos are converted to JPEG.
Clients will receive their edited photos in high-resolution jpeg format.
Q: Do you do studio or location photography?
A: Location. I prefer to shoot on location in natural light.
During winter months, weather permitting, location, otherwise I advise we find a nice indoor venue.
Q: Do you have your own props?
A: I have a collection of props for newborn and baby.
For the older children, I suggest you bring their favourite toy/s or item/s that represents them and their personality.
I do encourage clients to bring along something special and unique to their style and character, just to make your photographs different and interesting. I am open to any ideas or suggestions you may have.
Q: What must we wear for our photoshoot? What must we bring?
A: Once your booking has been confirmed, I will send you all the necessary information.
Q: Do I need professional hair & make-up?
A: It’s entirely up to you however, I would definitely advise you to consider it.
I have a selection of professional hair & make-up artists that I highly recommend.
View my recommendations here.
Q: Do you offer photobooks / coffee table books?
A: Yes, photobooks, (also known as the coffee table book), are optional on all my packages.
View samples on my Products page.
Q: Who chooses the photo selections for the photobook?
A: I design the album layout for you and send it to you for proofing.
Once you confirm and are happy with the final design and layout, I will only then start with printing, binding packaging.
Q: My newborn / baby / child is either unhappy / sick / feverish / has just developed a rash, or there has been a family emergency can I postpone my photoshoot with you?
A: Yes, contact me and we can re-schedule to the next available date.
Q: In the unlikely event that you become ill, do you have a back-up plan?
A: Yes. I will postpone the photoshoot to the next available date.
Q: Can I ask you something specific?
A: Yes, feel free to send me an email: